Business Vision Statement Planning

We help students to turn mission/vision statements from concepts to practical steps for life after graduation.

During the planning workshops, students document their personal goals into a one or two sentences.

And then, students receive a blueprint to structure their statements into Educational, Career, or Mission-based pursuits

"Life After Graduation" Series

1 - Discovery Call

Discuss your organization interests

2 - Pick a Module

Life Skills | Career Readiness | Entrepreneurship | Financial Literacy

3 - Choose a Desired Session Length

One | Two | Four | Other

4 - Discussion

We pick topics based on program/books

5 - Classroom Activities

Resumes | Business/Pitch Decks | Volunteer/Missions | Civic Engagements

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Summer School Teacher

Volunteer Teacher in China, S. Korea

2008, 2010, 2011, 2012
Book Author

“From Student to Entrepreneur”

March 2015
Student Workshops & Volunteering

U.S., S. Africa, and Peru

2015 - 2018
Business & Startups

Consulting to startup events to FIN Compliance

2012 - Present



"From Student to Entrepreneur"

Making a transition from student to entrepreneur is a stripped-down version of the business-planning process.

Inside, you will find ten practical steps for students to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

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